A new, easy to handle, landscaping product from Dancing Bear. OneBlock™, an innovative landscape product designed specifically for the do-it-your-selfer. Build attractive, economical borders from flower beds to hedge edgings and any other project that requires landscape blocks.

OneBlock™ is available in two styles to fit your landscaping needs. One has rounded ends, which allow the construction of almost any shape imaginable. The square corner of OneBlock™ is used for more traditional square and rectangle project designs. The textured surfaces of the OneBlock™ adds another element of contrast and shape to your project.

OneBlock™ can easily be transformed into almost any design desired. The unique shape of OneBlock™ allows you to build circles both large and small, S-shapes, rectangles, squares, etc. OneBlock™ is a wonderful product for building tree rings, garden terraces, sandboxes and raised planters. From a flower box along a sidewalk to a driveway border, OneBlock™ does it all.

OneBlock™ requires no special tools. In fact if you are a do-it-your-selfer you most likely already have the tools needed to complete your project. The only other tool you need is imagination.